Taking photos for Canalside Property

  • 4 months ago
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The photograph shown above is an example of an ideal photograph. The property in this instance was the third house from the right. Photos should be landscape (wide), bright and sunny if possible, and a good reslution. If you can include the canal in your image that would be perfect!

Make sure that the house itself as close as possible to the centre of the photos, not to the left or right (which would be trimmed off in the mobile view), and not at the top or bottom of the photo (which would be trimmed off in the view below).

It will look like this as a thumbnail on a PC. In this view a little is trimmed from the left and right.

The photograph below shows one of the properties at the same development. Although it is very clear, it would not be suitable for the website. It is not landscape and there is no canal context.

The photograph below is landscape, but is also unsuitable as it is too close, the top of the property is cut off, and you cannot see the canal.

Move back from the property to include the land on each side, and show the canal if possible. We can let the estate agent provide the detailed photographs!

Finally, please don’t trespass when taking photographs.

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