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Hello! I’m Sheridan, the founder of Canalside Property. I’m not an estate agent (although I was once, back in 1987!) I’m a local and family historian, and a qualified genealogist. In October 2018 I decided to indulge my love of narrowboating and canal heritage by launching this website as a hobby. It has gradually taken over a big chunk of my life – not that I’m complaining – I love it – but there is a cost in terms of money and time.

I’m really excited about using Patreon to help Canalside Property thrive and grow. I have always wanted to keep it free for ever, both for estate agents and for followers. That is still definitely the plan, but because the website has grown so quickly, I’d really benefit from some support to help it along, and to contribute to the costs involved – and of course I don’t receive any commissions or advertising revenues.

Patreon is a completely vouluntary way for you to support what I do, and get a little bonus service in return. I’ll be massively grateful to anyone who chooses to support me in this way. There are three levels (you can cancel or change level at any time):

Gongoozler – $2 per month
Although I can’t offer any special benefits for this tier, I really do appreciate your support. It’s very exciting that you care enough to support me. Every little helps!

Crew – $5 per month

If you’re casually looking for a property or just super excited to see everything, this is the tier for you. Crew patrons will receive early access notifications for every property I find, before I add the properties to the website or post them on Twitter. It would be really kind of you to support me at this level.

Boatman – $10 per month – limited to 20 Patreons

If you’re seriously looking for a property this is the tier for you. Of course, you’ll receive early access notifications for every property I find, just like Crew patrons. However, I will also make an extra special effort to be your personal ‘Kirsty and Phil’ of the canal world, hunting down the particular type of properties which you’re looking for. If I find something I think you’ll like, I’ll message you in person straight away. Of course, I can’t guarantee that I’ll find what you want, especially in the current market, which is terribly slow, but I’ll certainly do my best. I’m limiting the number of Boatman patrons I take on, so that I can offer you the best possible service. I would be ever so humbled and grateful if anyone decided to support me at this level.


I am also considering adding bonus content for Patreons in the form of early access and exclusive canal heritage stories. I’d love to know what you think of this idea.

Why don’t I charge estate agents to advertise instead?

Because I want to include as many properties as possible! I don’t want to restrict them to those from agents who’ll pay, especially in today’s market – many estate agents are facing challenges of their own.