Canalside Property FAQs

Sheridan Parsons – I’m the founder, owner, and sole manager of Canalside Property. I’m a local and family historian and a teasmade expert. In October 2018 I decided to indulge my love of narrowboating and canal heritage by launching this website as a hobby. It has gradually taken over a big chunk of my life ā€“ not that Iā€™m complaining ā€“ I love it!

No it isn’t, although I was an estate agent once, back in 1987. Now I run this site simply to indulge my love of property and canals.

Please contact me via any of the links which you’ll find at the top and bottom of every page.

Currently, while the market is moving so fast, I list every property I find on the Facebook Group, and I’m gradually trying to catch up on the website. You’ll find the Facebook Group useful because there is often discussion about a property, including valuable local knowledge about issues such as moorings, flooding, subsidence, attractions, noise, and community.

Just send me an email or contact me on social media. Listings are always free. You can list your own property on the Facebook Group if you wish, provided that you follow the standard group format, but I’m quite happy to do it for you if you wish.

As this is my own website my criteria are quite subjective. I mostly include houses which adjoin the canal (offside edge or towpath), or have a very clear view of the canal. I include freehold or leasehold land and commercial properties. I don’t put as much effort into researching and listing flats, unless they’re a bit special, for example a penthouse or a balcony overlooking the canal. I rarely include park homes or holiday chalets. I never include rental properties. I introduced holiday properties in August 2020.

I never intended to make money from the site, but ideally I’d like to cover my costs. Occasionally someone makes a small donation – enough to buy me a coffee. I introduced holiday properties in August 2020. This will hopefully give me a little revenue from the affiliate links in the listings. I also gently promote my other activities, e.g. books written by myself or my husband.

I don’t take any commissions or payments for listings, because I want to include as many properties as possible. I don’t want to restrict listings to those from agents who’ll pay, especially in today’s market – many estate agents are facing challenges of their own.

If you want to show your support, a small donation (enough to buy me a coffee) would be lovely! You can do that via Paypal. I’m incredibly grateful for every little bit of support, whether it’s monetory, or just a word of appreciation!

The photos are a mixture of my own snaps, estate agents’ photos, holiday companies’ photos, Creative Commons images, photos supplied by vendors, and photos taken by friends of the website. I am always happy to credit you for any photos used on the site.

Yes please! This is a brilliant way to help. I can’t use estate agents’ photos without their permission, so I am always incredibly grateful to anyone who sends me photos of properties to feature on the website. It’s always especially exciting to receive photos taken from narrowboats – it gives a perspective which is often missing from the agents’ galleries. I am always happy to credit you for any photos used on the site.

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